Pressure Washing Portfolio

What's the difference between power washing and pressure washing?

There are two common terms we hear from customer inquiries: power washing and pressure washing. Sometimes we even hear hot water pressure washing too. So what's the difference?

Power washing and pressure washing both use heavy duty machinery to pressurize water. Water under very high pressure is released to clean surfaces, like building exteriors, concrete, and metal containers. For surfaces like vinyl siding on residential buildings, the heat of the water is adjusted accordingly. Power washing and pressure washing mean the same thing although sometimes power washing can mean more pressure is used. Other than that, these two terms are interchangeable and our experienced technicians will always know which tools to use to get the best results.

Why use hot water?

There are several advantages to using high pressure hot water when cleaning concrete or other hard surfaces. Hot water substantially decreases the volume of chemical required when cleaning. Sometimes with enough heat there may not even be a need to use chemicals at all. When you do your dishes at home really hot water breaks grease down effortlessly. Try doing the same job with cold water. High pressure hot water is extremely effective in commercial cleaning processes.